Sunday, 17 April 2011

STEP. BY. STEP Messy Bun.

Basically, this blog isnt really about make up. and i'm not a teacher,
 so i'm probably making a fool of myself with this step by step thing
 since we all already know how to do a bun (obv) but just in case...
and for my practice haha. (incase i forget how)

Brush out your hair with no parting, so it is knot free and over your back

take your brushed hair and hold it in a centred high ponytail

using a brush or comb even better, brush any bumps and strays into your hand

secure with a hairtie so you are left with a neat(ish) ponytail

brush the ponytail so it is manageable and straight

hold the top of the ponytail and with the other hand twist it round in an outward spiral

use a hairtie to secure but instead of putting it round a couple of times just
put the hairband round loosely so it is held roughly in place not too rigidly

use kirby grips to pin down any reluctant stray hairs 

then using your fingers, gently tease the hair out of the band and clips but not so it is falling out, if you succeed it should be a perfected messy bun 

back view 1

back view 2.. wow we really like our back views.

for that extra oomph add slick red lipstick.
yes just plain red.. see

Just so you know im not completely mad,
for making such a fuss over a bun.
this beauts picture was my inspiration and yeah


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