Wednesday, 26 January 2011

letters, numbers and £$^&V?H':{+)*(&%

Hey chumss.
or should i say $^&&*()iuHJKB_+}""}'s cos thats what im on about today. Wearing symbols. and i dont mean metaphorically like a symbol of faith or anything i mean all those maths symbols and punctuation shit you always forget to use. HARDCORE i know.. But i think you'll find that punctutaion actually is very important AND hip. yah man. for example, if you hadn't used a comma in certain sentences it would be a bit or a "lets eat grandma" instead of "lets eat, grandma"Ahh so. commencing with the fashofashion. How to wear it? Examples..

House of Henry Holland

American Apparel

my friend sabrina jones who is a star and asked me to make her this top saying OMG? £15/10
her blog is

newspaper dress, not exactly the safest to wear out
but romantic and a gorge shape

another really cool picture of a newspaper dress - this was off project runway a couple of years ago i thinkk.
this dress is actually just newspaper print and out of
john galliano newspaper print collection.

if sarah jessica parker can do it so can you, this dress by john galliano comes on in the bit in sex and the city 2 when bigg takes her out for dinner after they make up

How to wear it? To start with lets clear up that you should only wear one visible wordyturdy item.. like for example a t shirt or a pair of tights.. After choosing this one item pair ir up with plain tailored clothes like little waistcoats which are really cute at the moment or a pair of tapered trousers. Go for black and white coloured letters and stuff on the whole as colours can look  bit messy and the point is to go for a smart kooky little statement. try stuff out and im sure you'll have a nice shock.! Newspapers, extracts from poems, mathematical equations and nonsensical 13**8G":$S&&!!. There are so many things that can go ona piece of clothing.

Lotsa Luff

Friday, 21 January 2011

inside out

hi everyone,
i know im going a bit .ott. at the mo since i did a post yesterday as well but anyways i just wanted to pick up on something i am finding surprisingly useful.. which is doing stuff inside out..
now im talking about clothes - but this could be anything.. i mean who doesn't like to eat pudding before their main course and sleep all through the day? errr.. nobody. anyway.

I got this bag today which i will put below and its sheepskin on the outside and leather inside which i find really cool. It just got meh thinking about wearing things inside out. I mean theres already a major thing of wearing corsety type tops, lace and bralets (in a slightly stripperesque way sometimes. a la Taylor Momsen). but anyways i think also you can make it work in other ways.. for example wearing a plain grey or white t shirt inside out with jeans and a jacket - and who says you can't pull that off!

Also to try and make it more original try wearing dark or brightly coloured clothing with a lace or crocheted material or garment ontop. Be inventive, tea doilies can be used as hair accessories and you grandma's suspenders from back in the day are now uber cool. so while the irons hot. go for it gurllll.


inside out gone prozzy.

ooh lala

new bagalag.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

whos that pretty birdiee

YES.. feathers is what i'm about.
im sure your just dying to know why..

well of late i have been watching america's top model.. they're all pretty bitchy but the shoots are ab fab and they all look gorge. the most recent shoot was 'Fallen Angels' where they were suspended in the air and has feathered eyelashes and eybrows and they some had wings and they had really cool floaty ethereal dresses eith there little skinny legs sticking out the bottom ( to die for..). So that was first..

 also my really cool friend rachel got a bowler hat with feathers in it for christmas which is fucking awesome. I saw her last weekend and almost stole it (by the way check out her blog too

Last of all at my school we have a house fashion competition every year and my house's theme is wilderness which i must say is pretty good.. i was hinking of designing something inspired by tawny feathers with silver greys and mustard colours.. here are some pictures for your interest..

my friends hat

the belle fille herself in a rather awkers position

a photo from the fallen angels shoot which i admit to lke even though the girl needs to have a bacon sandwich or two

my favourite model from this series (and the dress is cute)


Saturday, 8 January 2011


Heya. Im thinking. and ive been thinking for a while. and decided that for now the best make up look is china doll. I know it sounds shambolic but i was at my friend morags house earlier taking arty photos of her china dolls and realised how beautiful they are! In any light they still look so delicate and well made and the faces kindof glow and dont even have to look angelic they just look healthy and beautiful. Also i find the whole style thing amazing that theyre all really old and have clothes tht are coming back into fashion now like little lace dresses and big bows in their hair. Here ar some pictures for my inspiration and your eyes only.

for a proper doll faced look choose a pale neutral eye shadow (white or pale grey) and apply it all over the eyelid in an oval shape, then lashings of mascare on the bottom lashes to make you eyes look wide open, and a slightly over ripe looking blush to the cheekbones (think smushed raspberries and cream). Sweep your hair back off your face in whatever way you can manage and your away.

Doll faced celebs: 
Lily Cole
Nicola Roberts
The Queen

xxxxx Thats it for me folks. au revoir.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


HELLO! I am just here (again i know - yawn) to quickly dash through my xmas presntoes. Yay!
well, as i wished (and we all know santa hears wishes if you with in a polite enough manner) i got my topshop car coat from my papa -

my dear pater just came back from berlin and gave me a very cool necklace and earrings with a tin cat on them : i know it sounds odd right; well your gonna be stunned. hahadihahadiha.
and the earrings. excuse the awful photo:
happy new yearling. enjoy. ill be back.

SEW much fun

Hello everybod. of late i have been using my sewing machines alot, in our house we have 3 (all rather rusty) but nonetheless all nice old singers that do the sewing with little fuss. so its all gooooood. anyway. I just wanted to show some things i hath made.. here goes.

                                             here is a dress i made. if you dont get what you
                                         want ask for it. SO TRUE.
here is a skirt i made for my friend morag
i used an old tshirt and did the sleeves as a stretchy waistband. its the
same kind of shape as the american apparel ones.

here is the top (of a top) - ooh word play. which i made. 
Its ot a zip til about half way down and the eyes are made of 
gingham with fabric pen ontop. zere you go. danke. 

Monday, 3 January 2011

arty funk.

hihi. ive been messing around on adobe photoshop recently and here are some of what i call 'merges', i basically choose two (or more) photos which have contrasts or similarities i think will go. tell me if you laiikkkeee.

cat on fire

writing on water

nightime garden

easter surf

paper streets