Monday, 28 February 2011

war of the oranges

Hello all.. or perhaps very few. seeing as i have embarrasingly little folowers.. Phaah anyway.. Spring is on its way, and has judging buy todays weather maybe even arrived. This is somewhat daunting to some people who have only just found the right colour snood for winter but it shouldnt be. Come on, be excited! This spring what are you planning to wear though? A trend appearing in stores and catwalks this spring is orange, To be honest ive always hated orange, its garish, it doesnt go with anything and it makes me look foul. But i have recently found out that orange isnt JUST orange. there is tangerine, scarlet, apricot, amber, rust, peach and salmon.. and more.

Wear orange with plain slim cut clothes for a clean fresh and summery look or use soft oranges to blend with this years peach and nudes. lternatively for a heavier vintagey feel use bold rustic oranges with alot of texture to wear with button up chiffon shirts and old silk scarves.

On the runway:
Marc by marc jacobs
very chic and i love the girls lipstick

Vivienne Westwood - who is freakin cool and
makes me want to (as rimmel say) live the london look
Cacharel - very zingy and giving an edge
to the colour that can only be described as youth

And on the highstreet.. for your entertainment are a few options for you to buybuybuy x
£16 - Topshop, wear this cute cropped top
with bleached denim or tight and white
topshop crop top - £25, this os the epitome of summer - wear with
a black bodycon skirt or peasant style with white lace.
coral blush - Topshop £6
asos apricot shorts £45
NARS lip crayon in 'happy days' £17.50
this creamy pencil stays on and is easy to apply,
great with hoop earrings

Topshop - £45, wear with a pretty lace crop top
or plain grey tee

from your local orange phone store near you.
and let me tell you, orange is the height of summer 2011 -
if road workers can pull it off then why cant you?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

English Heritage

Hiiii! I'm back, again i know... dont you wish i would just bugger off. yeah well. sozzz there.  Today is no special day and the london sky is still grey but i just thought you deserved an extra hello. for being such a good audience :) Awww. Anyway, having a grampar who was a major in the army, a great grampar who was a general and the beautiful queen as my monarch.. I like to hold onto my english heritage. heritage is usually applied to old buildings and sites which have historical value but who says it cant be to do with clothes. A fashionable and easy way to wear clothes is by being inspired by your heritage.

This means anything from your grannies skin tight jodhpurs and barbour to an old sailors cap, to your favourite jersey adorned with army badges. The style takes key statements from years ago and turns them into something more wearable and fashionable. Many fashion designers have already taken this up and you will find designers such as stella mc cartney and alexander mc queen have used ideas like this to create beautiful and imaginative fashion ranges.

and on the catwalk...

very smart with the double breasted brass buttons

a modern take on military

During my spare time i sew, a few of my clothes are made using old material and clothing to create something i can wear and hopefully pull off without looking too weird. Using dusky corduroys, army print and army jackets, lace doilies and thick tweed i think you'll find the heritage look is one to wear!

here is a skirt i made out of a pair of army trousers
with lace trim sown to the bottom
not a very good picture but these are some camel army socks i nicked off my grandpa
here is a scout top i found in my brothers room,
it was his when he was about 7 and makes a nice cropped sweater
this is a headband i got from urban outfitters for £10 made of wire with lace mesh ontop
Awful photo but this is a simple military jacket of my brothers - no its not him
his hair isn't that long. It is easy to wear and a light garment for spring.

BUT if you do not have the means or intentions of being creative
there are some affordable high street options, in store now and available online!

i found this in asos marketplace there is also a womens version

asos marketplace italian military jacket

asos womens corset, for a more feminine look wear it with  pretty skirt,
alternatively a dark jacket and black jeans or leather pants

Military eagle stud top, Urban outfitters £25
This top is a modern take on the eagle symbol
style with black skinny jeans and a military jacket.

this doll shape army jacket is very cute,
from urban outfitters reduced from a hefty £155 to £60!
I Hope you now have some idea of what i meant by english heritage
please try it out and see if you can spot anyone wearing it already.
I bet you can if you try.. ;)

Flora CB.

lets face the musique

Hello everyone, i havent really posted for a while
not because i dont love you anymore (although perhaps i never did.. i joke.) but because im a lazy child and spent my time preferably in bed or watching crap tv. Unfortunately this week i spent it in wales.. GREAT! sheep and rain, wahey. But seriously, come on. gotta love wales. Anywaayy going slightly off task now but i just wanted to entertain you with some new tunes... Happy half term.

for the sole purpose of your entertainment

darwin deez... what a beautiful human.. also listen to "bad day" by him

lisa mitchell singing neapolitan dreams, i love the beginning of the video and her voice is incredible!

chase and status - i dont usually like this sort of dubstep type music but i think they are really cool and love this song!

chapel club- the epitome of cool, i discovered them on alexa chungs show on mtv and fell in love...also listen to "all the eastern girls" by them

bombay bicycle club - this is a band which went to my brothers school, they are one of my favourite and i love this song in particular, another good one to listen to is 'rinse me down'

Thankyou for reading (and listening i suppose) happy fevrier chums 
xxxxxxxx big love.