Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Hello xxxx
its me here.again.

i havent posted for a while but i ahev been extremely busy bumming around in general

just listen while you read

Ah so i have been doing a  browse of the internet and have found mountains of cools pictures to show you. also a few ive taken, a few clothes etc. you know the score by now..

what i was thinking of was pastels, victorian hues, delicate creamy silks, minted greens, parma violets. you name it, but its all pastels. just a normal colour mixed with milk and sugar. made sweet and lighter. simple

chanel lollipop

chanel ice cream cone- love the colours in this photo

pastel hair is also acceptable. it ties in perfectly with a really current trend
of dip dying. i really want to mine fading into blonde with lilac at the ends but its also
looks great in pink, minty green (if done well),  apricot and blue.

my little pony - they're my biggest inspiration i wont deny it

I have never really liked pastels, they are a bit boring, a bit girly and a bit drab. but there are so many ways to wear them. wear them with dark denim for an everyday look. they are also beautiful and ethereal with lace, look and feel expensive with gold jewelerry, big gold chains and hoops and look quite vintagey with chunky gold jewelerry. also a very good combo with fur (but i would leave that til winter). There are so many other things you can add for an edge anyway, just try it out - rips, leather, studding, cutout, cropped. etc

Anyway here are a few clothes :

asos TFNC - Pleated peter pan dress in BLUSH
new look - resin flower studs - £2.99
topshop - nails in 'dust storm' - £5 
topshop - nails in 'vegas madness' - £5
H&M - dress - £14.99

new look - studded espadrille wedge - £68

Love** topshop - one shoulder dress
Ditsy pastel cameo - asos
if there is nothing that takes your fancy here, appletree boutique, love** at topshop, and loads of stalls in camden market are the perfect places to find your perfect pastel pieces (alliteration again, i'm monstrous)

ps. if you need a new attraction, inspiration or time waster - Made In Chelsea is my new favourite. post coming up on that next...

a bientot

Thursday, 12 May 2011


well i just got the june edition of vogue and alexa chung is on the front cover and has a shoot and article in it. well i read the whole thing and since i do actually kind of love her i googled her and then spent like half an hour looking at pictures and bits of writing about her. i mean dont take that the wrong way... okay hahahaa so i just though since she is top top of my favourite people list i would show you some pictchaz. yh fam. toodles. a plus tard.

just listen. xxxx
anti-d - the wombats

noice hat!

its kind of irrelevant that its HER in this picture but its cool anyway

alex and alexa


love this outfit. well, the top half anyway.
not sure about the thickness of those legs.

this is very cool. arty xxx
and i do like the smiths - their rather good.
from june's vogue.

aww love pictures like this in sets

noice outfit. once again chung.

another good outfit. but do i even need to say that anymore.
bit of a joker here anyway. eh

from june's vogue again 
down down down - charlie simpson.

Lots of love(liness).


ps. i was gonna leave this bit out. but i am actually pretty offended since she doesnt like blogs. which makes this post kind of ironic. blogging about someone who doesnt like blogs ehh. ha anyway before i had one i thought bloggers were a bit strannngge. now i know theyre just er.. anyway. ACTUALLY bye  now.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


some random pictures i came across in my twitter travels.

press PLAY



Monday, 9 May 2011

my big fat royal wedding.

well, its late, but hey. its here.

the beginning is weird - but listen while you read.

just wanted to say a few words about the wedding! and sorry for the delay!

So, friday morning and Kate Middleton stepped out of the car. who didnt want to be her at that moment in time. cause i can tell you for sure she looked like a dream to me. As you can tell i was a bit jel.. xxx But to be honest, i'm not really an obsessive of the royal family (although i admit, kate middleton has a nice voice, harry is quite hot and wills receding hairline is quite amusing. not to mention the immense respect i have for the queen) so. i think this is a good excuse to bring up weddings.

lace tulle, tiaras, perfection, bouquets, cream and ivory, a blush of innocence, strawberries and cream, bridesmaids in blue and lilac, dresses, 1000 extraordinary hats. you get the picture. its a wedding right?

anyway i have found some inspiring pics as per usual to show you..

romance was made in black & white 

seaside amore.


deserted destiny

ladies who love

mario testino

mario testino

mario testino
folksy, tribal and very good xxxx

At the moment i am making a white dress (wedding related?) Its not finished yet but i will put up a picture when it is, its strapless with a heart shaped bandeau top and crochet layers at the bottom. I have also made another one out of a pillow case, it was really easy i basically a pillowcase with the head and arm holes cut out. then i hemmed it and sewed layers of lace round the bottom in different creams whites and golden browns. who woulda thought i would fit in a pillowcase! :o
raised flower dress TOPSHOP £18
raised flower dress TOPSHOP £18
lace bow headband - URBAN OUTFITTERS £10

here are some more songs. click if you want to listen.

Lots of love. and yes. 'I DO.' 
happy dreams. dream up your wedding. i already have to the last detail, but i wont bore you now.