Wednesday, 22 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas

Urm heyhey, its three days til christmas so we really dont have time to take 12 days writing this but here are the top 12 things on my christmas list, or what should be on yours, some of which i have already got...

1) On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me:
A beautiful bumble bee ring from Ollie and Nic, i discovered this a couple of days ago when i was christmas shopping with my mama (£10 from Ollie & Nic)

2) On the Second day of christmas my truelove sent to me:
a teacup pendant on a golden chain (£20 from Ollie and Nic also)

3) On the third day of christmas my truelove gave to me:
a charm bracelet covered in beautiful treasures, abilu is one of my friend rachels fave jewellers and she introduced them to me (£20 from

4) On the fourth day of christmas my truelove gave to me:
After my little boutique jewelerry binge there; an alphabet t-shirt, these are fab because they are a little more personal, they are a plain tshirt shape but are unisex and if you are imaginitive there are loads of way to wear them. (£18 from American Apparel)

5) On the fifth day of christmas henry holland gave to me:
A pair of hollywood tights (we do like a bit of glamour in cold british life)
(£12 from House of Holland)

6) On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me a Lulu Guinness Purse with a quick reminder; Dont forget to powder your nose! Thats right guys, just sayin' - as a messenger from aunty Lulu.
(£55 - Lulu Guinness)

7) On the seventh day of christmas my true love gave to me; and heres one for the men: a grey marl tshirt from topman, which i nearly got my brother for christmas (£12 - Topman)thats right - MERRY F**KING CHRISTMAS!

8) On the eighth day of christmas my true love gave to me:
Kings of Leon Revelry Album, £2.49 - HMV
I'm not saying you have to buy the whole album since theres only about 2 tracks but at the mo revelry is high sky high on my good list, Yummy.

9) On the ninth day of christmas my true love gave to me:
A boggle pen! Which is basically boggle on the end of the pen, you shake it then write down with the same pen which is very portable entertaining and maybe not so cool. But hey wheres the tradition gone?!
If you are still confused you obviously dont know what boggle is..

10) Nearly there, 3 left: On the 10th day of christmas topshop gave to me:
Beautiful car coat which comes in green black and red red rouge!
I honestly prefer the green one but their all great and the collar is fun.

11) On the eleventh day of christmas mister HMV struck again and gave me Inception:Very cleverly done, this film kept me on my tip toes and there was not a moment of snoozing, i ws all engaged. Leonardo di Caprio may have helped that but anyway (HMV £9.99)

12) On the twelfth day of christmas my true love gave to me:
Manual Lomography camera from urban outfittersm this camera is really cool, it has the ability to do endless panoramic shots and pinhole photos. At (£50 from Urban Outfitters)


Wednesday, 15 December 2010


HEY Y'ALL! Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away) but also! I went to see the new Narnia, it was really cool and ethereal also because we were the only people in the massive cinema so i was able to cartwheel across the cinema without any hassle. the way it should be right? Anyway it got me thinking about animal clothing, and i don't mean just fur and leather i mean anything that you could think represents animals or human nature or anything. This weekend i am dressing up this trend by wearing a mohair knitted cardi (brown), grey wrinkly skinnies, silver plimsolls and a cropped leopard print top. It may sound all too weird but together its better :) If you dont wanna go nuts with prints like leopard print fous on colour and maybe an ecru or camel trench is the thing for you? Anyway thats it but remember you dont ahve to be a 'wild' animal, unless you want too, domestic cats and plain clothes is all the more chic. Love ya xxxxxx

back to basics with a real animal skin on the runway

a cute take on animal trend, think outside the box!

tailored subtle looks

Sunday, 12 December 2010

more of a Christmas feeeel.

Hihi amigos. what do you want for christmas? Cos i know your feeling the christmas feel, on friday i met up with some old friends (or old times sake). And we did silly things that old frinds do and watched a golden oldie film and you know, did those things that old friends do. Now i've done about 3 posts but you probably already think im a freak. We watched love actually, which is actually set at christmas in Londres and yesterday we had a christmas party so its all v. topical. Moving onto my christmas list, This year i am hoping for a laptop (which i probably wont get) and a cheap but cheerful peter pan collar dress:

i think this dress is ab fab, i like the material and the way it hangs, The shape is very neat on the figure and i think it is just the right length, neither granny length nor whore length. Just right.

grey skies but tinsel tinted hearts

Hello again, its getting cold and christmassy down here in london. The streets are full of lights and toes and falling off with frostbite, but these are all signs. leading to the inevitable realisation; its christmas time. And yesterday i opened my first present from my very sneaky godmother who specifically told me i HAD to open it early. (cos i mean come on guys, we know i didnt want to). Anyway, enough babbling here are my fab new toe warmers to keep those goosebumps at bay. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

A short introduction to me.

Hello everybody. my name is flora and i am fourteen years old (woop). I am really into fashion and photography and make loads of my own clothes, which i will show you later. For my birthday in october i got  camera so with the usual 'new thing yay!' craze i take pictures of basically everything. entertaining for me, boring for anyone looking through my photos.